Drew Klappholz

Senior Geologist
, PG

As a licensed geologist with over 20 years of environmental consulting experience for private industry, financial institutions, legal counsel, and state and federal regulators, Drew Klappholz puts his knowledge to use delivering practical, cost-effective solutions for our clients. Over the course of his career, Drew has a maintained a consistent track record of executing geologic/hydrogeologic investigations, site management, project management, environmental compliance, subcontracting, interpreting multimedia analytical data, and successfully negotiating with regulators. He is also well versed at identifying potential sources of contamination at commercial/industrial sites, designing site sampling and analysis programs, evaluating the fate and transport of chemicals in the environment, assessing the potential risks associated with environmental contamination, and evaluating remedial options.

Key Expertise

  •  Site investigation and remediation
  •  Bedrock aquifer contaminant/hydraulic evaluations
  •  Vapor intrusion investigation & mitigation
  •  Monitored natural attenuation
  •  Regulatory compliance