Justine Decker

Senior Database Administrator

Justine Decker is a skilled environmental data manager with ten years of experience in geographic information systems (GIS) and data management. She has implemented data management systems designed to efficiently manage large quantities of data while ensuring completeness and quality. Leveraging multiple data visualization and management platforms, she integrates information from disparate sources, manipulates and assesses spatial and temporal data, performs advanced analytics and geostatistical analyses, and creates compelling data visualizations. Justine specializes in process improvement and automation, with the goal of increasing workflow efficiency while decreasing the potential for human error. A strong communicator, Justine translates complex technical concepts into language easily understood by all users.

Key Expertise

  • Environmental data management
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development and management
  • Web-map and dashboard development
  • Process improvement and automation
  • Project management
  • Technical writing