Kevin Simpson

Principal Engineer | Finance & Quality Manager, Australian Group

Kevin Simpson brings over 25 years’ experience in oil-and-gas and contaminated land management and remediation to the EHS Support team, providing leadership and guidance to clients across Australia, the United States, and South Africa. A Mechanical Engineer by training, Kevin is skilled in design and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation and wastewater treatment systems. He has designed and implemented over twenty air sparge, soil vapour extraction, multi-phase extraction and pumping systems. Kevin is experienced in determining when and how systems should be downscaled and turned off to avoid unnecessary operations and cost. He has developed and implemented various strategies for management of produced water, particularly for the coal seam gas industry. Projects include the preparation of water balance and options analysis workbooks to determine the optimum approach to managing produced water, sizing of evaporation ponds and tanks and beneficial re-use approaches such as irrigation and stock watering. Other projects in the oil and gas sector include operational studies such as optimisation of drilling mud management and evaluation of potential release of associated water to the environment.

Kevin is a specialist in financial assurance and has worked on multiple projects for industry, industry bodies, and government. One of his key projects involved development of the Estimated Rehabilitation Cost calculators for Mining and Petroleum and Gas for the Queensland Government, which included stakeholder consultation and training.

Key Expertise

  • Financial assurance for oil and gas, mining, and waste management
  • Oil & gas operational studies
  • Remediation, wastewater, produced water system design and implementation
  • Remediation system auditing, optimization and endpoint determination
  • Remediation options/corrective measure studies and strategy
  • Sustainable and green remediation/engineering