Matthew Van der Burg

Asbestos Surveyor
  • B.S. in Biochemistry, University of Canterbury

Matthew Van der Burg is an asbestos removalist/ hazmat specialist with several years of hands-on experience. His work has taken him throughout New Zealand and to Queensland in Australia, where he has worked on a variety commercial and residential projects.

During his time as an asbestos removalist, he has been involved in both friable and non-friable remediation projects, which has given him valuable knowledge on practical asbestos management procedures. He also has experience in analytical chemistry and environmental contamination from his time at the University of Canterbury.

At EHS Support, Matthew serves as an asbestos contamination and remediation consultant, where he combines his practical experience in asbestos removal and science background to provide clients informative solutions for their asbestos management needs.

Key Expertise

  • A & B Class Asbestos Contamination
  • Asbestos Management
  • Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry