What Every Small Business Should Know About Hazardous Waste

By: Amy Bauer Almost every business, from property managers to commercial shops to small manufacturing, assembly, and distribution operations, have the potential to generate hazardous waste. Many times, small amounts of wastes are generated, not directly from manufacturing operations, but rather, maintenance and other support activities. Some examples include batteries, paints, solvents, and oils used

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Environmental Due Diligence: Not Just for Industrial Properties

By: Maureen Hodson The average office building transaction usually proceeds without extensive environmental due diligence, and often times without anything more than a few cursory questions of the seller, who may not be knowledgeable. But environmental liabilities can and do exist beyond the manufacturing plants and heavy industrial sites. This is especially true in areas that were

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EH&S Regulatory Update for Dry Cleaning Facility Due Diligence

By: Leah Krause Considering the acquisition of a dry cleaning business or property where former dry cleaning operations took place? If so, environmental, health and safety due diligence is a critical component in protecting you from environmental liability. There are many items to evaluate during due diligence due to the cleaning solvents dry cleaners use,