Announcing EHS Support’s Contaminated Sediment Assessment Service Line


Announcing EHS Support’s Contaminated Sediment Assessment Service Line

State-of-the-science approaches to the challenges of contaminated sediment assessment and management are being implemented worldwide — ushering in a new era of potentially beneficial environmental outcomes and sizeable cost savings.

However, successful outcomes require a project team that can effectively communicate these scientific principles and build trust with regulatory agencies.

That’s the EHS SUPPORT difference — our proven ability to bridge the gap separating strong science from positive outcomes in sediment assessment and management. Without good communication, transparent relationships, and the right technical expertise, the outcomes are not as clear.

Our Contaminated Sediment Assessment Service Line is led by Gary Long and JR Flanders, who bring a number of years of contaminated sediment assessment, adaptive management, and client advocacy experience to the team. Their ability to bring clarity to the intersection of science and approach is what will provide a successful and cost effective solution on your project.

We invite you to meet EHS Support in the middle—reach out to our technical experts today to discuss your Contaminated Sediment Assessment needs!


Contact Gary Long and JR Flanders today to learn more about how we can be your advocate for contaminated sediment assessment needs by providing effective scoping and strategic vision.

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