April 2010 – Tier 1 Qualified Facility SPCC Plan Template Now Electronic

Tier 1 qualified facilities* may now access and complete the SPCC Plan Template in 40 CFR Part 112, Appendix G electronically to assist in developing a self certified SPCC Plan.



  • The template provides every SPCC Rule requirement necessary for a Tier I qualified facility that must be addressed and implemented.
  • This template may be used to comply with the SPCC Rule or used as a model and modified as necessary to meet facility-specific needs.
  • The owner or operator may complete the template either electronically or by hand on a printed copy.

How Will I Be Affected?

  • Forms and requirements are now more convenient to access
  • You now have more options on how to submit

For questions regarding the SPCC regulatory requirements, please contact Jessica Tierney at 412-779-1094 or jessica.tierney@ehs-support.com.

*To meet the Tier I applicability criteria, the facility must have:

  • a total aboveground oil storage capacity of 10,000 U.S. gallons or less;
  • no aboveground oil storage containers with a capacity greater than 5,000 U.S. gallons; and
  • in the 3 years prior to the date the SPCC Plan is certified, had no single discharge of oil to navigable waters or adjoining shorelines exceeding 1,000 U.S. gallons, or no two discharges of oil to navigable waters or adjoining shorelines each exceeding 42 U.S. gallons within any 12-month period.




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