Ask the Expert – Amy Bauer

Amy in front of Hohenschwangau Castle in Füssen, Germany

Senior Compliance Specialist Amy Bauer, CPEA, has over 20 years of experience conducting and managing environmental site assessments, regulatory compliance audits and support, and environmental investigations. As the food and beverage sector leader for EHS Support, she helps our clients reduce risk, satisfy regulations, and lower their operating costs across a wide spectrum of industry challenges.

What do you like best about the work you do?

I like traveling to different client sites, meeting people, and exploring the surrounding areas. I like working through complex issues with clients and finding the right solution.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am in Germany on an EH&S audit. We will head to Sweden next week and then back to the U.S. Concurrently, I’m working on hazardous waste permit renewals and assisting various other clients with environmental compliance projects.

How can our clients benefit from this innovation?

Over the years, we’ve seen our EH&S auditing service grow. I think our clients see the value in having another set of eyes onsite to proactively identify issues before they become a problem. It is a key component to their overall EH&S program, having those checks and balances. EH&S is a component of operating a business, it needs to be managed properly to mitigate costly risks and to ensure compliance is met.

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