Ask the Expert – Brandon Dean

Brandon Dean is a project engineer and team member of the Remediation service line, as well as a project manager/technical lead for our Renewables Solar Energy group. He brings a strong background in chemical engineering and process controls with a specialization in environmental and sustainable engineering.

Brandon and his girlfriend Barbara at Hatcher Pass, a mountain pass through the southwest part of the Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska.

What do you like best about the work you do?

Working in renewable energy has many enjoyable aspects. Most prominent, I enjoy working with clients to help them understand what options exist for implementation of renewable energy at their facilities. Being able to inform clients and help them realize and achieve their ESG goals is rewarding on the scale of not just local, but rather, a global environmental benefit towards sustainability.

What are you currently working on?

The renewables team is currently working on assessing two additional sites for an existing client who will have implemented their first solar PV system this year. The client plans to install two additional solar PV systems in 2023 and we are beginning the second phase of feasibility studies for these sites. In addition, with changes to the federal investment tax credit (ITC), we are reassessing other client facilities and providing updated financial modelling and discussions to assist clients in realizing the benefits of these changes.

How can our clients benefit from this innovation?

Clients are benefiting in multiple ways from renewable energy studies and implementation. First, clients are being informed and educated about existing and future technologies and policies that will assist them in future planning for ESG goal setting. Second, clients who pursue phase two feasibility studies are provided with detailed analyses to assist in making the best financial decisions possible for implementing renewable energy. Lastly, clients who install solar PV systems are offsetting Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions and reducing operating costs at their facilities providing a environmental and financial benefit to the company as well as a net benefit to the public.

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