Ask the Expert – Cameron Dixon

Cameron and his dad at Imogene Pass, Colorado

Senior Engineer and Project Manager Cameron Dixon has over a decade of experience in remediation project design, management, and technical leadership, with expertise in the design and construction of remedial solutions. His design work focuses on remediation projects with large civil components, such as excavation, stabilization/solidification, consolidation, capping, and barrier walls for both upland and sediment sites.

What do you like best about the work you do? 

The best part of my work is the construction phase for my designs. No matter how many times it has happened, I still get a thrill from seeing a project go from my mind, to paper, to existing and improving the real world. This is especially exciting when the project includes improvements to natural or built habitats that benefit the local community.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on projects which blend both remediation and habitat restoration into a single project. In addition to the long-term reduction in O&M that designing with nature brings to remediation projects, it is possible to incorporate habitat improvements that can be used to offset natural resources damages claims, build in credits for other types of resource banking, or simply build goodwill with stakeholders with no/minimal increases in the overall cost of remediation.

How can our clients benefit from this innovation?

Our clients can benefit from our expertise in this area to reduce their overall environmental liability, build goodwill with regulators and community, and improved the natural and built environment. Incorporating natural improvements can be used to select remedies that focus more on reducing risk rather than pure mass removal, thereby lowering the cost and improving the overall remedy sustainability. It also helps negotiations with regulators/stakeholders, especially in environmental justice communities, by giving them a physical improvement that they can point to, rather than a lot of work that removes contamination but at the completion does not include anything they can point to for actual improvements to the natural environment.

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