Ask the Expert – Damani Parran

Damani biking in Acadia National Park in Maine.

Sr. Toxicologist Damani Parran, Ph.D., DABT, is a business-minded Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs Leader offering extensive experience leading regulatory toxicology operations and strategy across numerous industries. At EHS Support, Damani works as part of the core technical team within the Sediment and Risk Assessment (SRA) Service Line and provides technical support to projects across multiple service areas including support of Cost Allocation & Litigation, the Business Services Group, and the Remediation Services Group.

What do you like best about the work you do? 

What I like best about the work I do is bringing value to a wide array of industries and projects. In my past roles, I had limited opportunities to support projects beyond the needs of an individual company or industry. EHS Support has given me opportunities to support projects ranging from assessing materials used for deep water oil and gas exploration to determining the safe-use concentrations of a personal care product. The variety of projects brings me joy, and I am thrilled when I find solutions to our clients’ problems.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, my focus has been devoted to the expansion of the Product Stewardship and Toxicology (PS&T) Services Line. This is a new Service Line for EHS Support, and I am excited to lead these efforts. Product stewardship is a dynamic, ever-changing approach used to manage the environmental and health impacts of different products throughout their life cycle. It requires not only a strong scientific and technical basis, but also a solid understanding of manufacturing, supply chain, and other business activities. We are currently reaching out to new potential clients as well as offering these services to our existing clients.

How can our clients benefit from this innovation?

My companies, across all industries, have experienced a reduction in experienced toxicologist and regulatory affairs staff. These decreases are a result of reduction in headcount, high turnover and/or the retiring of senior-level members. Even with reduced staff, the demand to innovate and market new products has not changed; in many cases, it has increased. This combination could lead to companies not complying with regulations and may go as far as producing unsafe products. With access to our highly experienced toxicologist and risk assessors, our clients have the benefit of not having to search and hire staff to support their projects.

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