Ask the Expert – Justin Vanderpool

Justin Vanderpool is a Health & Safety Specialist with several years of experience in quality and safety assurance from both the aerospace manufacturing and maritime service industries. In addition to providing on-site, health-and-safety compliance support at client facilities, he also designs and implements safety management systems, safety programs, procedures, plans, and reports for clients.  

What do you like best about the work you do? 

Process improvement. There are several ways to improve a process in quality and safety. Whether you are assessing risk and problem solving on how to mitigate that risk or taking an administrative process and reducing the workflow to a more efficient system. I enjoy being put into positions to creatively think outside the box to support any type of continuous improvement initiative. 

What technologies do you employ to help your clients? 

Most EH&S management across industries still use Excel/Access databases and scan/file paper documents/records via an internal drive. This obviously creates a lot of administrative work. I use Airtable to digitize EHS management workflow. It’s a spreadsheet-database hybrid that enables the user to create an interactive, collaborative application that can digitize records/forms/inspections and allow anyone to submit records to the system via QR codes.  

How do your clients benefit from this technology? 

Developing an effective safety management system requires you to make sense of a mountain of data and information. By automatically filing all the necessary EH&S documentation, it makes the management of the system much easier. This system is hands on and digital at the same time, the possibilities of it are far reaching. 

Reach out to Justin today and explore how EHS Support can help you achieve your health-and-safety management goals. Read his full bio here. 





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