Ask the Expert – Katie Milk

Katie and husband, John, and their kids, Rosie and Will, on Kelleys Island on Lake Erie in Ohio.

Sr. Compliance Specialist, CHMM, CEA, Katie Milk has over 15 years of environmental consulting experience, including technical permitting and compliance experience, as well as project management, business development, and leadership roles. As an environmental scientist, she consistently works to keep pace with environmental rules and regulations that are in constant flux. Katie enjoys guiding clients through complex environmental regulations while optimizing their time and budgets.

What do you like best about the work you do? 

I really enjoy problem-solving. Air regulations can be lengthy and confusing, sometimes putting clients in a regulatory “gray area.” I like to dig into a rule to make that gray area a little more black and white, so my clients can understand where they fit into the regulations, and the best ways to achieve compliance, while maintaining a level of operational flexibility. I often hear environmental professionals jokingly remark they wouldn’t touch air with a ten-foot pole. But I like the challenge!

What are you currently working on?

I am focusing on growing EHS Support’s Air Quality Service Line. Part of that focus involves working on several Title V and minor source air permit applications, as well as some air dispersion modeling. I’m also performing several air permitting and regulatory assessments for surface coating operations and R&D activities. One of my most recent projects involved air permitting for activities related to the construction of a new blimp, which was interesting.

How can our clients benefit from this innovation?

Most industrial clients have some sort of air permitting or air quality compliance need. Whether it is major source air permitting, or a simple exemption determination, we have the expertise to lead them through the process and give them the right tools to ensure continuous compliance.

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