What’s the Recipe for Your Culture?

By: Bethany Evans Corporate culture. It’s researched, reviewed, contemplated, then analyzed, written about, and talked about. How do some companies get it so right and how do some go so wrong? Is it really such an elusive concept to treat your employees and your clients well? We don’t think so either. For EHS Support it’s

Expanding Our Roots

By: Kenny Ogilvie As we knock on the door of the spring season, EHS Support is proud to welcome you to our blog. Here’s where you’ll find your only source for important industry related environmental management information, insight to innovative approaches to projects and challenges, and an inside look at our staff and the EHS

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EPA Recently Released the Newest NPL List – Are You on It?

[ssba] Beyond Coordination – Get in the Know EHS Support – Your CERCLA Concierge [hr_shadow] EPA Recently Released the Newest NPL List – Are You on It? Did you receive a general notice letter (GNL) this week?  If not, you still could.  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the new National Priorities List (NPL) sites

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Prime Africa Consultants

[ssba] EHS Support LLC and Prime Africa Consultants announce joint venture agreement to combine resources for a larger global reach. EHS Support LLC (EHS Support) and Prime Africa Consultants (Prime Africa) have announced a definitive agreement to combine their expertise and provide environmental, health, and safety consulting services in the African continent. This partnership will

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CFO William Egan Named President of the Economic Club of Pittsburgh

EHS Support is proud to announce that our CFO, William (Bill) Egan has been named President of the Economic Club of Pittsburgh. Organized in 1910, the Economic Club of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest and largest organizations of its type in the United States. It provides a distinguished public forum for intelligent, timely discussions