Department of Labor Announces Rule Expanding Submission Requirements for Injury, Illness Data Provided by Employers in High-Hazard Industries

Earlier this week the Department of Labor adopted a rule requiring employers in certain high-hazard industries to electronically submit injury and illness information to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), starting January 1, 2024.

According to the Department of Labor’s news release, the rule, announced on July 17, 2023, pertains to employers with more than 100 employees in high-hazard industries. Under the rule, which comes off the heels of OSHA’s March 2022 proposed rule, the employers must report the 300 log and incident reports along with the 300A summary every year now, not just the 300A. The final rule reportedly retains the current requirements for electronic submission of information from Form 300A from establishments with 20-249 employees in certain high-hazard industries, as well as from establishments with 250 or more employees in industries that must routinely keep OSHA injury and illness records.

According to the Administration, providing access to injury and illness data helps identify unsafe conditions and workplace hazards that may cause occupational injuries and illnesses, acting as the first step to control and reduce these instances. Additionally, the data provides employers, workers, and the public with valuable insight to make informed decisions.

Over the last year, OSHA reportedly conducted extensive outreach through website updates, social media outreach, and stakeholder emails to help employers understand their obligations and submit 2021 data. As part of its continued recordkeeping enforcement efforts, OSHA reports it will work to identify establishments that failed to submit their 2022 Form 300A data.

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