EHS Support Brownbag Series

Brownbag Topics

Join us for our 2022 Brownbag Series as we discuss our various Strategic Growth Projects (SGPs). These projects, which are part of our long-term growth plan, are focused on addressing anticipated client needs, including research in regulatory trends and changes, as well as scientific advancements.

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Topic: Environmental Due Diligence Trends

Presenters – Bruce Martin, Beth Hesse

The number of deals in the last 12 months has broken records. Join us to discuss the trends and changes we are seeing in due diligence including: pending changes to the ASTM Phase I standard, emerging contaminants, such as PFAS, and Environment Justice risks and how they are changing the scope of environmental due diligence.

Topic: ESG – Trends and Tools

Presenters – Bob Pickert, Liz Hoerning, Jess Myer

With the continued focus of investors and boards on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics and performance, the new EH&S business challenge is defining goals that fit the company culture and strategy while navigating shareholder demands.

Topic: Regulatory Compliance and Auditing Trends

Presenters – Amy Bauer, Leah Krause

The impacts of COVID on facility compliance, manpower shortages, and the recent funding of USEPA within the infrastructure bill, have created multiple challenges for businesses to maintain regulatory compliance. We will discuss trends and tools for increasing efficiency and maintaining compliance.

Topic: Health & Safety Compliance Trends

Presenter – Monica Meyer

High-hazard/high-risk health and safety demands are increasing. High turnover and manpower shortages are increasing these risks, along with increased funding and mandates to OSHA. We will discuss the areas in which OSHA has increased their focus, along with the tools and trends that can assist with maintaining compliance.

Topic: Environmental Justice

Presenters – Dana McCue, Amy Bauer

Within a week of taking the oath of office, President Biden issued a sweeping executive order with a number of environmental justice (EJ) initiatives. USEPA is forecasting a $1.4B 2022 budget to address EJ issues. We will review EJ, its history, and what it means to your operations. We will also identify current trends, tell you what to expect, and discuss how to understand and mitigate your risk and better position your business and its relationship with the community.

Topic: Options for Managing Low/No Value Real Estate

Presenter – Tom Silverman

Addressing idled, high-value sites is easy – but how do you handle low- and no-value properties? In this discussion, we will talk about how to remove the burden and reduce the risk for idled or underused property.




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