EHS Support is Proud to Announce the Addition of Chip Hankley

EHS Support is Proud to Announce the Addition of Chip Hankley as Our GIS Technical Leader

ChipHankley_BioChip Hankley has over 17 years of experience using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an analytical tool, combining an understanding of data analysis and environmental systems.  His GIS skills are focused on web-based mapping, systems integration, data modeling, data presentation, and raster analysis.  Chip will be working to drive the broad scale knowledge and adoption of GIS systems across the EHS Support organization for all of our service lines, improving the functionality and services currently offered by EHS Support and focusing on building GIS capacity and competency for each project.  He has a passion for developing focused, elegant solutions that reduce mistakes and inefficiencies that frequently accompany information management challenges.  His experience includes custom mapping solutions, database integration, and working with clients to implement training support programs to support business operations related to data management and GIS.

Chip holds a Master of Engineering, Civil, and Environmental from Old Dominion University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Mary Washington College.  He has technical proficiencies in the following software: ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE, SQL Server, Web Development Technologies, Programming/Scripting, Application Development, and GPS.

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