EHS Support Launches Major Fluoride Fate and Transport Research Initiative

As part of EHS Support’s ongoing involvement with the aluminum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and smelting industries, we have initiated a major study of the controls on fate and transport of fluoride in surface water, soil, and groundwater.

The study will evaluate the breadth of existing information on fluoride mobility in the environment and identify where data gaps and uncertainties exist. The outcome will provide a contemporary framework to guide approaches for assessing and mitigating fluoride mobility in environmental media. The results of this study will be relevant to the 500+ industries that discharge fluoride effluent and are currently regulated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

The impetus of this study is to overcome common myths about fluoride geochemistry that inform waste management and remediation decision making. This work is a companion study to work already completed by EHS Support on fluoride toxicity, making EHS Support the go-to source for fluoride fate, transport, and attenuation.

To Learn More

For additional details on this project and EHS Support’s experience with fluoride fate, transport, and ecological risk assessments, please contact our team of experts:

Andrew Fowler, Ph.D.

Nigel Goulding

Samuel Parker, Ph.D.

Tom Silverman

Rebecca Fraser, Ph.D.



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