EHS Support Launches Research for Pump-and-Treat Optimization

It may sound like a roadside stop for gas and ice cream, but pump-and-treat is actually a common solution for cleaning up contaminated groundwater. In this method, groundwater is pumped from wells to above-ground treatment systems that remove contaminants such as industrial solvents, metals, and fuel oil. The problem is it’s a complicated and time-consuming process that can greatly increase your operating costs.

To better service our clients with legacy pump-and-treat systems used for either contaminant or clean-up of the environment, EHS Support is pleased to announce a research initiative to build upon our state-of-the-industry techniques. This initiative will enable us to lead the way in the industry, helping our clients to better optimize their pump-and-treat systems and get them closed down as soon as possible. Most important, it will help our clients save money while making their obligations to protect human health and the environment. As one of the industry leaders in water treatment, EHS Support is also supporting and helping the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) develop a new pump-and-treat optimization guidance document.

Of course, this is just our latest innovation in this area of Environmental, Health, and Safety solutions. For almost two decades, EHS Support has been helping clients across the U.S. and around the globe with their various remediation needs. Our nationally recognized engineers, hydrogeologists, risk assessors, and biologists bring a diverse set of technical skills to any multi-disciplinary team.

If you have a problem pump-and-treat system or want to get out from underneath the huge annual cost associated, EHS Support is here to help.

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For additional details on this project and EHS Support’s experience with pump-and-treat systems, please contact our team of experts:

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