EHS Support Opens Collaboration Space in Philadelphia

In response to the need for collaboration on key projects and within teams at critical points in project lifecycles, this past fall EHS Support opened our new Collaboration Space, housed inside a beautiful, historic townhouse at 2036 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. Built in 1870, the space provides a place where both employees and clients can gather to collaborate on projects and drive effective solutions.

As a 100-percent virtual company, we understand the value of a balance of online and in-person interaction. Work space and team fluidity are key to maximizing team engagement and fostering strategic thinking and engagement. Considering our current model of remote work, the addition of shared space provides a common meeting point and a focused area for collaboration on key projects, as well as new-hire integration and team building.

The Spring Garden space offers two large conference rooms and additional office space that provides the needed flexibility to host multiple staff and teams simultaneously. In selecting a property, we focused not only on meetings and work tasks, but also a place that allowed for social gathering (pool table, outside garden space, large kitchen) where teams could work together and socialize. This includes four bedroom suites that accommodate staff who are traveling.

We’re currently leveraging the shared space for administrative and strategic planning meetings and the recent addition of five summer interns who will be focusing on the Hackensack River list on the Superfund NPL.

Based on the success of this model, we are currently looking at the potential to replicate this effort in other key geographic areas.




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