EHS Support Recognized as “Best Firm to Work For” and “Fastest Growing Firm”

EHS Support Recognized as “Best Firm to Work For” and “Fastest Growing Firm”

The Zweig Group has named EHS Support one of the 2016 top five Best Environmental Firms to Work For. Rankings for this prestigious list are based on the determinations of a panel of independent judges and the results of employee surveys. The Zweig Group bases criteria on firm culture where employees feel valued and inspired, workplace practices, employee benefits, retention rates and professional development. This is the fourth consecutive year EHS Support has been named to this list.

Additionally, The Zweig Group ranked EHS Support as one of the 2016 Fastest Growing Firms. This exclusive award represents significant high growth within the environmental consulting industry.

Our CEO, Kenny Ogilvie was featured in the July 11 Zweig Letter* and shared some insight and valuable lessons learned when it comes to leading a 100% virtual organization.

The Zweig Letter: What’s different about managing a “virtual” firm compared to a brick and mortar one? Any key insights to offer here?

Kenny Ogilvie: There are always communication challenges and you need to look at doing things differently. We have evolved from emails and conference calls to a virtual software model and an organizational structure that allows us to communicate effectively while making everyone feel connected. You have to focus on culture and communication much more than you would at a brick and mortar location. Creating a high performance virtual organization requires considerable investment in software, communication tools, and outside management consultants. However, if done right, it can be very successful. Our success has led to a lot of interest in the tools and methods we use, with Microsoft even studying what we are doing to help make their software more focused on the virtual environment.

TZL: How would you describe your leadership style?

KO: Very autonomous and hands off. I am not a micro manager. People have the freedom to make decisions and learn from them – good or bad. Experience brings with it the ability to know how much rope to give someone – whether using a situational leadership style, good project management tools, or that gut feel. It’s also important to create strong unconditional relationships so people feel comfortable communicating.

TZL: Tell me about a recent project you are especially proud of and why?

KO: We all have special client projects, but I think the greatest ‘project’ I’m proud of is the evolution of our culture and how we’ve gotten here. I learned along the way that you have to innovate, learn, and evolve. If you do that enough, you get to a stage where you can disrupt the industry.

TZL: What’s the best piece of work-related advice you’ve ever gotten?

KO: The difference between good and great is the extra two to four hours per week and what you spend that time working on. Spend it on doing things others don’t want to do, helping others become successful, and working on things that will have the biggest impact in your life whether personal, professional, spiritual, or financial. Have the focus and consistency to make sure you set them aside and use them for good.

*Interview courtesy of Liisa Andreassen, The Zweig Group Newsletter, July 11, 2016 Issue

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