EHS Support – A Pioneer in the Virtual Office Space

Back in 2019, thanks to the pandemic, the world got a crash course in working virtually. Of course, for many it was anything but a smooth transition as people struggled with unfamiliar technologies and the myriad challenges that come with working from home.

At EHS Support, we’ve been operating virtually for close to two decades now. We understand that a successful virtual business model is about more than just asking your staff to work from home and providing them with a laptop. It’s about building a culture around the opportunities that virtual work environments provide, so you can collaborate effectively and, as a result, enhance productivity.

Having a global business means being able to work in multiple time zones with different languages and highly varying cultures. Our company’s ability to effectively communicate and exhibit flexibility in meeting times and venues ensures successful collaboration among our teams and delivery of the highest possible outcomes to our clients.

Of course, we understand that it’s not the hi-tech tools that make an effective virtual work environment—it’s the people and the culture. That’s why EHS Support is a people-first company and one that’s focused on providing our clients and the environment with effective, sustainable, long-term solutions.

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Nigel Goulding
Chief Technical Officer, Co-Managing Director




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