EHS Support’s Brianna Sadoski Recognized as Top Deal-Making Consultant by ACG Pittsburgh’s Future Corporate Leader Board

EHS Support is proud to announce that ACG Pittsburgh’s Future Corporate Leader (FCL) board has recognized Brianna Sadoski as a top deal-making consultant in their recent FCL Spotlight! Following is a brief excerpt from the Spotlight. Click here to read more about what makes Brianna a great consultant!

Brianna works on numerous deals each year for both private equity and corporate clients and always maintains a strong sense of urgency and project dedication. She is an environmental scientist and consultant with over seven years of experience and has been with EHS support for over five years. She has assisted clients in assessing environmental risks over a wide variety of industries including oil & gas, manufacturing, steel, healthcare, and a variety of other industrial and commercial operations. She has worked on many different-sized deals with multi-site portfolios of properties and has international experience.

In her role at EHS, Brianna assists clients, including many private equity firms here in the Pittsburgh area, with identifying and assessing environmental risk as part of their transactions during due diligence. Brianna is particularly adept at researching client properties and facilities to assess the potential for historical environmental impacts. What our acquisitive clients appreciate most is her ability to put her technical environmental assessments into the context of the specific transaction at hand. Brianna’s knowledge of the deal process, combined with her high level of technical expertise and thoroughness, allows our clients to rest assured that they are covered from an environmental perspective. They know they can rely on her reports to help guide them as part of their due diligence process, and that the data will be presented in terms that directly relate to the deal.

Contact Brianna at for more information on how EHS Support can assist you with your environmental, health, and safety needs.



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