Here Comes the Sun – New Tool Helps Companies Take Advantage of Growth in Solar

With the White House announcing the bipartisan infrastructure deal and its emphasis on support of solar power, now more than ever companies are looking for ways to take advantage of this fast-growing, renewable energy source.

EHS Support is currently working with major industrial clients interested in installing photovoltaic (PV) arrays at multiple facilities in North America. Our experts have developed a tool to assess the viability of specific sites and provide a realistic basis of comparison that includes Federal and State incentives, financial modeling, and energy offsets. Our streamlined process includes completing designs to support permitting and interconnection at sites in numerous states, as well as managing the procurement and construction of the solar PV systems.

For clients who wish to participate, partnering with EHS Support is simple. The only information we require is designated roof- or ground-mount areas, recent electric utility bills, and the electric supply contract. Benefits include significant decreases in electric costs, power supply security, and meeting corporate ESG goals. As an example, for one client we’ve evaluated multiple sites and have found average cost savings of $194,000 annually and $4.8 million over 25 years.*

If you’d like to learn more about how EHS Support can assist you in your solar installations, contact Jack Anderson at 608-358-4776 or


*Average cost savings annual and over 25 years PER SITE EVALUATED.







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