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In this article we outline Conscientia Global’s best practices for empowering your employees to be a team – from everywhere and anywhere.

By: Bethany Evans

With ongoing advances in technology and internet speed, it is no surprise that more and more companies are allowing employees to telecommute more often, with some businesses taking divisions, or even all of their operations, completely virtual. According to a recent Forbes’s article, a study conducted by FlexJobs estimates that telecommuting in the United States has grown 103% over the last decade. This same study projects that 50% of people will work remotely by 2020.[1]

First, why take your business operations virtual? 

1.  Create a Relationship and Customer Service-Oriented Culture. 

Increase the quality of customer relationships by improving your employees’ work-home life balance. Giving employees flexibility in work schedule and location offers more ability for customer-focused flexibility and face-time. Improving work-home life balance translates to more motivated, conscientious employees and a better work product, not to mention a higher level of client responsiveness when your customers need them the most including outside of the traditional 9-to-5 work week. The result is a measurable increase in customer retention and sales.

2.  Improve Employee Retention.

Your employees are your largest asset. By improving their engagement factor, and allowing them to work the hours that are most optimal for them and your clients’ needs, you eliminate unproductive down-time found in most companies.  Allowing autonomy and trusting employees to manage their own time with respect for their ability to do their job, provides a significant increase in morale and spurs individual thought and decision-making.  Removing commute time and focusing work time on valuable contributions create efficiency for employees to spend more time with family and other important aspects of their life. The result of well-balanced employees is innovation from every level and increase in productivity company-wide.

3.  Grow Your Top and Bottom Lines.

When employees have an improved sense of engagement, they are more passionate and motivated. They will shoot to exceed expectations, resulting in improved work products, happier clients, and more referrals. Engaged employees strive to understand the business goals, anticipate customer needs and add value beyond the scope of the project. With the right tools, these employees can be more collaborative and create operational efficiencies not seen by “in-person” teams.  By removing the need for a brick-and-mortar office, you eliminate pricey overhead fees and unnecessary systems.  

Now that you are convinced, what is the next step? 

Conscientia Global can make your process seamless using a combination of tools & technology, communication structures, and the creation of a culture of accountability: 

Tools & Technology

Choosing appropriate tools that are easily adoptable and adaptable will keep your team connected from any location. Streamlined systems create operational efficiency by having resources available at your fingertips. Identify overhead cost savings  and nurture your team’s ability to focus on doing what they do best. Teams with intuitive and flexible tools that are focused on performance benefit from an increased profitability of 25% on average.

Communication Structures

Identifying internal connections and implementing a structure of virtual communications supports optimal workflow and teamwork. A well-connected team will enjoy reduced turnover and a higher level of engagement. Teams with engaged employees can see an increase in engaged customers by up to 7%.

Virtual Culture Development 

Providing tools, knowledge, and resources fosters a culture of high performance.  Teams with high performance employees will outperform the competition by 6X, including a measurable increase in profitability and sales.

To discuss taking your company virtual and any other organizational needs you may have, please contact:

Leadership time can be moved from reactive micromanaging to proactive direction of company growth. 

[1]Shin, Laura (2016, March 31st). At These 125 Companies, All Or Most Employees Work Remotely



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