INSIGHT: On-Site EH&S During Covid-19 – EHS Support’s Monica Meyer Featured in Covid-19 Bloomberg Law Article

While many operations have been put on pause, others need to proceed – but how do you keep things on track, while keeping employees safe?

In a new article featured in Bloomberg Law, EHS Support’s Monica Meyer teamed with attorneys Andrew Cooper and Robert Conrad of Van Ness Feldman to discuss how companies can address on-site environmental health and safety needs when ‘in-person’ is not an option. Check out the article here to see what steps your organization can take.

Monica MeyerABOUT THE AUTHOR Over the past 16 years, Monica Meyer has been providing strategic and business safety experience to the organizations she supported. During this time, she focused on development of both corporate and facility level Health and Safety programs, developing systems for both compliance and risk management… Read More



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