Internship Review – Samuel Ast

Samuel Ast began his career with EHS Support in February 2022 as an intern in the Remediation Service Line. Recently, Sam accepted a full-time position as an engineer for EHS Support’s Remediation Service Line. We asked him about his experience during his 6-months as an intern.

What are some of the things you worked on during your internship?

I had the opportunity to work on everything from renewables assessments for solar and wind energy, to serving as a site supervisor handling and observing activities and generating the field activity reports for a client in Brisbane, to ensuring water resources best-management practices, to overseeing stormwater treatment. I really learned a lot in the process.

What attracted you to this line of work?

My favorite part about this type of work is the variety. You get exposed to a ton of different topics and projects. There’s always something new to learn and experience, which is great.

What would you like to accomplish moving forward?

I’d really like to help grow and expand our renewables services and move into more sustainable development and corporate sustainability projects.

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