Mobile GIS Data Collection Alternatives: The Fulcrum App in New Zealand and Ohio

Numerous field-collection solutions are tied to commercial  platforms. But what are your options if these tools just don’t fit with your particular project?

To address this problem, EHS Support has developed a new type of field-sampling program that takes advantage the innovative Fulcrum Mobile Data Collection App. A flexible, low-code application that can be used to implement anything from field-inspection photo logs, to lithology logs, to groundwater purge logs, Fulcrum combines both user-friendly, digital field forms with location-aware GIS data collection.

Alex Smith, EHS Support’s GIS/Data group lead, will be presenting about this new field-sampling program at the Minnesota GIS/LIS (Land Information System) Land Consortium Conference (Oct. 13–15). Alex has over a decade of hands-on experience managing and utilizing GIS databases for a variety of properties and project types.

To demonstrate the program’s flexibility, Alex will be exploring two projects on different continents: a lead-based, paint inspection field effort in New Zealand, and a remediation-system inspection and sampling field effort in Ohio. He’ll also cover project set up, use in the field, data export and analysis, and the advantages/disadvantages of this alternative field-data collection application.

We hope to see you there!



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