PFAS Webinar: Understanding the Environmental Liabilities for Facility Owners & Developers

Human health. Environmental risks. Business liabilities. When it comes to PFAS, there are more questions than answers. What are the legal liability risks for purchasers, owners, developers, and tenants of properties with PFAS contamination? How can you develop strategies to mitigate the associated enterprise risks?

Join William Frez and Dana McCue of EHS Support, along with Charles Denton of Barnes and Thornburg, as they shed light on the known environmental risks and related liabilities for businesses for an informative Webinar on October 28.

William Frez and  Dana McCue will provide an overview of existing and anticipated toxicological and risk assessment challenges posed by PFAS and suggest risk-based strategies that can help focus regulatory negotiations on use of the best available science to mitigate enterprise risk.

From the legal perspective, Charles Denton will provide insight on pending lawsuits for PFAS discharges and emissions, as well as continuing due care obligations for “innocent” landowners, insurance companies, and public relations managers. Recent Federal and State PFAS regulatory developments will be explored – providing you with valuable insight from the environmental and legal perspective.

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