Prime Africa Joint Venture


Prime Africa Consultants and EHS Support LLC maintain a joint venture to combine resources for a larger global reach

In May 2014, Prime Africa Consultants (Prime Africa) and EHS Support LLC (EHS Support) announced a definitive agreement to combine their expertise and expand their economic, environmental, health, and safety consulting services in Africa and internationally. This partnership continues to flourish and has successfully provided opportunities for both organizations to share knowledge and resources. Through partnering, we have been able to provide a strong regional presence in sub-Saharan Africa and a broader range of due diligence, economic and environmental services to existing and new clients.

While our focus initially was on providing capacity to support our clients’ investments in sub-Saharan Africa, increasingly, the combined skills and resources are being applied to projects domestically (within the US) and other international markets. The use of a broader range of economic analysis methods has proved invaluable in assessment and quantification of opportunities and risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, and to support the successful integration programs. Consistent with the increase in domestic and international investment activity, 2015 has seen a major growth in our services in due diligence, market intelligence reporting, sector and business economic and financial analysis, and business and integration planning.

Prime Africa and EHS Support look forward to continuing their exciting and dynamic partnership that utilizes their innovative and visionary knowledge and capabilities to serve clients with the advocacy and urgency they expect.


EHS Support LLC is an Environmental, Health, and Safety consulting firm with nearly 70 locations throughout the US and Australia. The company provides specialist technical services in managing and reducing environmental risk, adding value across clients’ entire business enterprise, and helping clients meet responsibilities they encounter through projects or financial deals in a manner that is practical and effective. From an environmental merger and acquisition due diligence perspective, EHS Support considers itself an extension of its clients’ staff and works with them throughout all phases of their deals. The Company’s goal is to make deals more profitable for clients at the time of investment, during ownership, and upon divestiture by putting environmental issues in business terms, and making sure they are addressed at key points during the investment process.

Prime Africa Consultants is an independent provider of resource economics and environmental services in Africa. Prime Africa Consultants is headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa and works extensively through the African continent. Their staff offers specialist knowledge on financial and economic analysis, market intelligence, and natural resources management. Prime Africa has been instrumental in helping its acquisitive clients identify and assess risk pertaining to international acquisitions in emerging and frontier markets by quantifying business risks associated with internal and external factors that include socio-political, economic, and labor relations, as well as many other influences. Prime Africa’s comprehensive client list is available on its website (

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Prime Africa consultants will be in the United States in October and will be presenting market and economic analysis techniques for assessment of risks in acquisitions in Africa and other emerging markets at numerous forums. Prime Africa completes African market analysis for numerous multinationals and has conducted major economic and business risk analysis projects for private sector clients and investment banks for African projects. EHS Support and Prime Africa are available for an in-person meeting. For more information, please contact Kevin Simpson, or Jackie Crafford at or +27 82 319 2929.

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