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Now that annual hazardous waste and EPCRA Tier II reports are out of the way, the following compliance reports for industrial facilities are due soon.  Contact EHS Support for all of your environmental reporting needs.


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[slide name=”March 31 – EPA Greenhouse Gas Reports”]

Comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) data collected by USEPA from sources that in general emit 25,000 metric tons or more of carbon dioxide equivalent per year in the United States.  Several Training Webinars were scheduled for 2014 Reporting.  To review training materials provided by USEPA, go to


[slide name=”First or Second Quarter (Varies by State) – Annual Emissions Inventory / Statement”]

Required for an owner or operator of a facility that is required to apply for and obtain an air pollution control operating permit, you are required to submit an annual emissions report for estimated actual facility wide emissions for previous year.  Examples are provided below.

  • Ohio emissions reporting includes Fee Emissions, Emissions Inventory and Emissions Statement Reports [FER, EIS and ES] due April 15, 2015.
  • New York major source facilities, or those located in an ozone non-attainment area for NOx or VOC’s that emit greater than 25 tons must submit an emissions statement annually due April 15.
  • New Jersey facilities that emit or have the potential to emit any listed air contaminant above the applicable thresholds due June 15.


[slide name=”July 1 – Form R – Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI)”]

A comprehensive annual report that documents the use, manufacturing, and disposal of certain toxic chemicals. The USEPA requires that all manufacturers annually assess if they have exceeded the reporting thresholds for the previous calendar year; and file a report for those chemicals. The EPA has increased the enforcement for this.  The USEPA TRI website can be found at






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