Removing the Barriers to Career Growth

At EHS Support we’re committed to our employees’ continual growth. We’re always working on what we can do to help each and every member of our team explore their various career options and reach their fullest potential. It’s just how we like to do business.

Whenever we were first developing this people-first mindset, we did an in-depth evaluation of the most common barriers to significant career growth, then we sought out solutions to remove those barriers:

Company process and lack of support


We took the time to develop, maintain, and structure a program that would support career growth and opportunities and remove any red tape or barriers to moving within the organization.
Unwillingness to put in the extra time and work through the challenges


Just as we are committing to you, we ask the same in return by having individuals sign a commitment form that they are invested in doing what it takes to achieve their career goals and aspirations.
Honest self-evaluation of current skill levels and areas of realistic growth


Through our tools and reflective surveys, we provide feedback and evaluation on where you are at your career and what a realistic and attainable growth path forward can look like. We are not in the business of setting individuals up for failure by setting unrealistic goals.
Conflict and challenges between personal and career goals and need for reprioritization


We all come to work as a whole person and need to make sure we are dedicating our time and energy where it is important to us. Family and outside commitments may provide for less time to dedicate to significant growth goals right now, and that is ok. We can set realistic timeframes and set out on the path that makes the most sense to your individual wants and needs.
Without providing a new value proposition, salary growth and career opportunities will become limited


We are dedicated to investing the time and energy into helping you set goals around your interest areas that benefit you and position you as the next expert in the industry.

Yeah, it’s a different way of doing business, for sure. Then again, we’re a different kind of business.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out for yourself. We’re always looking for talented, dedicated people to join our team.





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