Strategic Growth Projects Provide Industry Insights and Hands-On Learning for Interns

EHS Support has chosen to do things differently from day one. We recognized early that supporting our clients means staying ahead of the curve. We can’t be a subcontractor; we need to be a business partner. Over the years we’ve been fortunate to have a symbiotic relationship with our clients that has led to our mutual success.

In keeping with this philosophy, we committed to spending over $1MM in man hours and expenses to further the science and the understanding of key regulatory drivers on several of the emerging challenges and trends in the industry. These Strategic Growth Projects (SGPs) are focused on areas of risk or challenges our clients are facing or will be facing in the near term. There are 18 SGPs in all, covering five different categories:

  • Trends we are observing in our business services (H&S compliance trends, regulatory compliance and auditing trends, due diligence trends, ESG trends, and environmental justice).
  • Climate Change and helping our clients achieve ESG goals (renewables and carbon sequestration).
  • Compounds which are currently or expected to soon be a major concern for many of our clients.
  • Existing Liabilities our clients have and finding ways to reduce the liabilities (pump-and-treat optimization, low-value real estate, and dam restoration).
  • Tools for Improving How We Do Business and helping our clients (data visualization, water resources, environmental forensics, and benefits for early remedial engineering).

As much as these topics represent risks and challenges facing our clients, these topics also represent opportunities for us as a company to grow and provide new offerings to our clients.

Internship Program

EHS Support Project Scientist Austin Wilkes (center) stands outside the Spring Garden Collaboration Space in Philadelphia with our 2022 Summer Interns: (clockwise, left to right) Samuel Meil, William Neal, Pagnaa Nantogmah, Tanaisha Myrick, and Ellende Chongolola.

In support of the SGP initiative, EHS Support is launching a Summer Internship Program this year. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team from science and engineering backgrounds with varying knowledge in hydrogeology, ecology, chemistry, economics, data science/geographic information systems. The 11-week assignment is a regional-scale assessment of a major urban waterway in the US Northeast.

Land-use changes and urban revitalization are placing a greater focus on the opportunities that these areas can provide to society and ecological functions. The primary objective of the regional-scale waterway assessment is to define the potential sources and pathways of chemical and physical stressors to the urban waterway that may be impacting human health and ecological receptors. The work will define the state of knowledge regarding historical and current environmental conditions within the waterway and its surrounding watershed and, in the context of future urban planning/development, define the future societal demands.

The findings of the assessment will be used to define the scope of future investigations and potential management/development options to support future remediation and restoration of ecological and societal functions. Interns will be fully integrated within a project team that will be directed by a full-time, dedicated Project Manager from EHS Support, and will have the opportunity to explore forensic and statistical analysis techniques to further define the linkages between sites and waterway impacts.

Stay tuned over the summer as we spotlight each of our interns in upcoming posts.





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