Summer Internship Program Update

In support of our Strategic Growth Project (SGP) initiative, EHS Support is launching a Summer Internship Program this year. We’ve assembled a talented, multi-disciplinary team from science and engineering backgrounds with varying knowledge in hydrogeology, ecology, chemistry, economics, data science/geographic information systems. The 11-week assignment is a regional-scale assessment of a major urban waterway in the U.S. Northeast.

Here are a few key tasks our interns have been working on over the past few weeks:

  • Reading reports, listening to presentations, and participating in discussions to conceptualize the nature and extent of chemical constituents in sediments within the waterway, which has a long history of industrial discharges.
  • Reviewing and summarizing a large number of historical documents related to potential discharges that may have contributed physical or chemical stressors to the river.
  • Creation of a database to house pertinent information about all documents that have been reviewed.
  • Writing “Site Summary” reports summarizing relevant information about potential discharges that they have been researching.
  • Identifying available analytical data associated with potential discharges, which they will begin sorting through and analyzing in the weeks to come.

For information on our current and upcoming internship opportunities, contact Sarah Kitchen today.



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