Using Excel to Create Tabular Style Output with Fixed-Width Fonts

I always have trouble with OLE objects and ArcGIS.  Frequently, embedded objects (spreadsheets, Word docs, etc) just don’t render in the final output the way that I would like them to.  Usually this workflow revolves around a need to present information in a tabular format. I’m old enough to have lived in the computer world before

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Bulk Define Projection in ArcGIS

Occasionally I have a workspace (usually a file geodatabase) where I need to define the projection for all of the feature classes in the workspace. Here’s a simple script to do this. [raw] import arcpy #Enter the full path to a workspace ws = r”C:\path\to\myFGDB.gdb” #Enter a WKID for a coordinate system wkid=32100 arcpy.env.workspace =

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Changing Paths in an MXD to UNC

If you need to publish an MXD to ArcGIS server, any file-based data sources probably need to reference a UNC location (unless you are copying data to the server). Here is the shell of a script that will do this. You will need to change the name of the MXD at the beginning and end

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Generating Labels using Significant Figures in ArcGIS

Every once in a while I have a need to report monitoring results using a specific number of significant figures.  For example, a project manager may ask me to show all results on a map with 2 significant figures. So: 0.358 would be 0.36 4.2 would be 4.2 45681 would be 46000 0.02 would be 0.020