Employee Spotlight – Sarah Kitchen

Sarah Kitchen serves as Recruiting & Integration Manager at EHS Support. How did you become interested in this line of work? Human resources was something I was drawn to because of my interest in help organizations meet their goals and objectives by hiring the right talent and helping individuals grow their careers. I’ve have worked

Removing the Barriers to Career Growth

At EHS Support we’re committed to our employees’ continual growth. We’re always working on what we can do to help each and every member of our team explore their various career options and reach their fullest potential. It’s just how we like to do business. Whenever we were first developing this people-first mindset, we did

The Key to a Successful Career? Have a Plan.

Simply put, you must have a plan, and the plan must be personal. It needs to consider both your personal and work goals, as well as your areas of strength, weakness, interest, and disinterest. A career that leverages your strengths and is aligned with your passion gives you the greatest chance of success. Passion and drive will get you through the busy times and ensure that you