There’s Value in Your Underused Industrial Properties – And We Can Help You Find It



EHS Support – We turn liabilities into opportunities.

Industrial companies frequently have portfolios of properties that are idled or underused and incurring management costs year after year. From a portfolio perspective, these costs add up over time and represent a substantial drain on the company’s bottom line. 

At EHS Support, we help companies cut costs and make the most of their real estate. Our experts have identified innovative solutions to help divest these properties and remove the administrative and financial burden of managing these sites, while also working to meet corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

Solutions range from donating land to leverage state and federal tax benefits, to re-developing the property for renewables (e.g., solar photovoltaic (PV) development), to full divestiture of the properties to a separate holding company. Ultimately, whichever option is pursued is determined based on the seller’s preferred level of involvement. Each option, however, provides benefits to the seller. In short, we show you how to turn your low-value properties into opportunities for success.

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