What’s the Recipe for Your Culture?

By: Bethany Evans

Corporate culture. It’s researched, reviewed, contemplated, then analyzed, written about, and talked about. How do some companies get it so right and how do some go so wrong? Is it really such an elusive concept to treat your employees and your clients well? We don’t think so either.

For EHS Support it’s simple. Adhere to a set of company values that align with our personal values, and use a set of operating principles that guide us in our interactions to support us in living those values. Our culture goes much deeper than slapping a statement up on the wall…ok, so as a 100 percent virtual company we don’t have walls, but it goes much deeper than slapping a statement on our virtual file sharing room.

At its very core, our entire culture is established around two key focuses: Treating our employees and our clients with honesty and respect. When we focus on those two intentions and live our values and operating principles (listed below) to guide us, then success is imminent.

Our culture drives how we approach every aspect of the company. Our employees keep our clients very happy by providing highly technical expertise and employing an exceptional customer service philosophy. We strive to keep our employees happy by providing a trusting and flexible work environment with a focus on continual improvement and development, of both the company and employee careers.

You may think that a virtual company requires an extra level of focus on culture to be successful. I disagree. (Although we do have an awesome Virtual Communication Model, that we will talk about in a future post!) I would argue that a great company requires an extra level of focus on culture to be successful. The location and structure of a company are unimportant if you don’t truly care about the well-being of your employees and clients. For us, the culture is easy.

EHS Support’s
Chief Performance Officer, Bethany Evans, brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of business management, strategic planning, and culture management to oversee the business related aspects of our company…
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