When It Comes to ESG, It Literally Pays to Do the Right Thing

In recent years, awareness, and adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles has grown as companies and government entities alike are recognizing that strong financial performance goes hand in hand with sustainable environmental and social-management practices.

A key consideration in any renewable energy project is land area and the purchase or lease costs associated with that land. Unlike with wind turbines, solar power can be easily integrated into existing landscapes (urban areas), leverage existing buildings and structures, use land that was previously of low or no value, and provide smaller distributed energy sources.

EHS Support has extensive experience in operating facilities, former industrial properties, and landfills. We also offer comprehensive engineering and permitting capabilities and access to resources that can deliver projects quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary Solar Site Feasibility Tool (SoSeF) rapidly evaluates the feasibility of applying solar power generation to operating and former industrial sites and underutilized properties, including brownfields and landfills, enabling informed, go/no-go decisions to be made in as little as one month.

We work with our clients to:

  • Optimize site selection for beneficial reuse, using proprietary multi-criteria decision frameworks supported by comprehensive geospatial databases.
  • Define feasibility and design, install, and maintain solar systems for those clients looking to self-fund the solar power systems as part of their ESG agendas.
  • Provide capital and design, install, and maintain solar power systems at client sites, where the client needs ESG and greenhouse gas credits, but they are not interested in investing the required capital.
  • Establish and leverage existing property holding entities to facilitate divestiture of impaired properties, eliminate carrying costs and provide risk-based management and development.
  • Repurpose low- and no-value property for beneficial reuse, such as installation of solar energy systems.

For more information on how EHS Support can help you reach your ESG goals, contact Jack Anderson, Senior Engineer, at 608-358-4776 or jack.anderson@ehs-support.com.



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