Why Recruiting is an Integral Part of Client Satisfaction

By: Bethany Evans

The secret to our company’s success? Our people. We place as much emphasis on hiring the right people as we do on delivering a quality service to our clients, on time and on budget. We are committed to building a high performance team that can drive a more engaging and gratifying client experience.

At EHS Support we offer careers, not jobs. From the employee’s date of hire, they are given the opportunity to take a look at their personal and professional goals for as far out as they are comfortable with—one year, three years, five years, ten years—and align their career aspirations with company goals. They are encouraged to discuss these plans with their families to ensure their paths are aligning at work and at home. Why is this process so significant? It gives our employees the opportunity to create a satisfying career journey specific to their talents and objectives. It also gives our organization the opportunity to be diverse in ways that other consulting firms may not be as agile.

Research indicates that staff members whose values align with those of their company are more satisfied, motivated, and committed than those whose values fail to match up. EHS Support focuses on culture, delivering innovative and cost effective EH&S solutions for our clients, and recruiting the best in the business to be a part of our team. We place our recruiting focus on hiring people who have the key attributes that we value in each of our current EHS Support team members:

  • Self-motivation
  • Strong sense of ownership
  • Ambitious nature
  • Focus on customer service
  • Confidence in their abilities
  • Resolve to follow through on their commitments.

Our recruiting approach is tied directly to our success in client satisfaction and has also proven to be a valuable marketing tool as we continue to brand ourselves in new industries and growing markets around the globe. Our team offers us a competitive advantage over other consulting firms in the industries where we do business. A recent study from Hinge Research Institute (Finding Experts: Why & How Clients Seek Visible Experts: http://www.hingemarketing.com/library/article/finding-experts-why-and-how-clients-seek-visible-experts) asked a question to “understand how buyers find Visible Experts?” – 30.6 percent of buyers [clients] said “online,” 19.1 percent said by “recommendations,” and 18.8 percent said by way of “publications.”

These statistics alone should make companies think about how they are building their teams and how they are applying the talents of the Technical (Visible) Experts they’ve brought on board. By showcasing the capabilities of the firm in their industry, organizations can gain a competitive advantage.

EHS Support has partnered with industry associations to speak at conferences, offered poster presentations, written articles for regional Business Journals, and started the blog you are currently viewing—all to utilize the extensive knowledge and industry expertise our team embodies. These are all tactics that companies within the industry are utilizing, but our proactive approach and flexibility to offer our advice, expertise, and our passion for what we’re working on has turned into the perfect opportunity to brand EHS Support as a go-to environmental consultant.

By building this brand awareness, we are showcasing our great team to attract future employees who will support our mission to provide exceptional service to our clients, while at the same time raise awareness of our firm to potential clients to allow us to continue to provide interesting and challenging work for our employees.

Happy teams make happy customers, and client satisfaction is the new marketing! We aim to build lasting client relationships by focusing on a positive work environment and encouraging our team to provide unparalleled client service.

We would love to hear your opinion. What’s your number one factor when recruiting? What key attributes do you look for in a partner, whether that is a consultant, employer, or employee? How are Human Resources and Marketing working strategically to build teams and improve brand strategy?

EHS Support’s Business Manager, Bethany Evans, brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of business management, strategic planning, and culture management to oversee the business related aspects of our company…
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Katie Stern brings more than nine years of experience, as a marketing professional, working in the AEC industry to EHS Support. Working closely with EHS Support’s team, she is focused on building a marketing and sales department to initiate growth and identify new prospects for all the company’s service lines. Katie brings extensive proposal writing and corporate brand recognition experience, by way of tailored approaches and well developed action plans that drive sales results….
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