Air Permit Review

EHS Support completed an air permit review for a cannabis supplier at their grow and extraction facility in Southeastern Michigan.

The Michigan Department of the Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Michigan Rule 336.1201 (also known as “R201”) of the Michigan Administrative Rules for Air Pollution Control (hereafter referred to as the “Michigan Rules”) requires a person to obtain a Permit to Install (PTI) prior to the installation, construction, reconstruction, relocation, or modification of equipment that emits air contaminants.

EHS Support evaluated the supplier’s proposed process, operations and equipment at the facility, and provided recommendations for completion of applicable permits required by Michigan rules. In addition to reviewing any local and federal requirements, we reviewed the Permit to Install requirements, and worked directly with EGLE regarding air permitting requirements for the proposed facility.

Related activities included:

  • Review of the design and operational plans for the facility, along with knowledgeable site personnel.
  • Preparation of an emissions estimate for the extraction operations of the proposed facility based on review of the design and operational plan.
  • Provided a summary of emissions and a brief explanation of the extraction process to EGLE to verify if the proposed emissions would require a permit.
  • Review of the design and operational plans for the facility, with insights on lean manufacturing, design for safety, and design for sustainability.

EHS Support completed a review based on these general principles, along with our observations and experience from cannabis and other manufacturing environments. We then provided a draft memo of findings and recommendations, for discussion with the supplier’s design and operations team, and final action on the air permit.

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