Coffee Roaster / Due Diligence – 11 U.S. Facilities

EHS Support completed environmental due diligence services associated with the acquisition of a coffee products company with locations throughout the United States.

Operations included roasting coffee beans; coffee and tea production and storage; a liquid-extracts production facility for extracting coffee, tea, and botanicals for ingredients used in food and beverages; and packaging and distribution of finished goods. The due diligence activities included the evaluation of potential environmental liabilities associated with 11 facilities located in Arkansas, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio.

EHS Support conducted ASTM-compliant Phase 1 environmental site assessments (ESAs) and compliance reviews at the facilities in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Ohio. We also conducted limited environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) desktop assessments of six additional facilities.

EHS Support due diligence and compliance professionals conducted site visits, interviews, and records reviews of site-specific documents. We also reviewed prior assessments in order to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in connection with each of the Phase 1 ESA sites. These assessments included desktop reviews of compliance with applicable EH&S requirements at each of the sites, including EH&S management, chemical use and storage, air, water, storage tanks, waste management, environmental sustainability, health and safety, and EH&S lease provisions.

EHS Support’s due diligence efforts aided the client in evaluating business risks and potential costs associated with environmental liabilities throughout the transaction process, thus allowing for strategic decision-making and ensuring a successful deal for the client. The project was completed on time, and the acquisition was successfully completed.

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