Confidential PRP Group – USEPA Region 6

EHS Support was retained by a large multi-party client to provide fund coordination, technical committee coordination, and subject matter expertise, addressing abandoned waste materials at a former oil processing facility.

Our role included representation of the PRP group’s interests in meetings and conference calls, providing participation on their behalf on committees (e.g., technical committee and sub-groups). We were also tasked with providing both technical and strategic review of site-related documents, as well as assistance with developing financial models regarding anticipated expected cash-flow requirements to support the group’s steering committee in fiscal forecasting to its member companies.

This site was listed on the National Priorities List (NPL) in 2012 and has progressed through removal action stages in one of the operable units. We are now completing the remedial investigation phase of work. EHS Support continues to support both the individual PRP group members and the larger multi-party group with removal and management activities.

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