Due Diligence Orthodontics Offices – Multiple Locations

EHS Support performs ongoing environmental due diligence for a financial client associated with the acquisition of orthodontic and specialty dental practices throughout the United States. These activities include the evaluation of potential environmental liabilities, as well as compliance liabilities associated with the target practices’ environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) procedures.

EHS Support conducts desktop records reviews of federal, state, and local environmental databases; historical use information; site-specific documents; and prior assessments to identify environmental conditions and material EH&S-related liabilities. This assessment also includes desktop reviews of compliance with applicable requirements, such as EH&S management, chemical use and storage, air, water, waste management, environmental sustainability, health and safety, and EH&S lease provisions.

EHS Support has successfully completed due diligence for over 70 of these acquisitions. Our ongoing due-diligence efforts aid our client in evaluating business risks and potential costs associated with environmental liabilities, strengthening their strategic decision making during the transaction processes and helping them ensure successful deals.

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