Environmental Due Diligence – Expandable Styrenics Manufacturer

This confidential client is a private equity investment firm that owns a portfolio of companies in a variety of industries. The project involved a targeted acquisition of two expandable styrenics manufacturing facilities in the United States with over 200 employees and a chemical manufacturing capacity of approximately 450 million pounds of product per year. EHS Support was retained by the client to perform comprehensive environmental due-diligence assessments and liability/cost estimates for the subject properties.

The environmental due-diligence scope of work consisted of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at each facility in accordance with ASTM International E1527-13 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process; environmental, health, and safety compliance evaluations; and detailed liability/cost estimates for findings associated with the environmental due-diligence efforts.

EHS Support prepared a comprehensive environmental due-diligence report for the subject properties. Our efforts identified risks associated with soil and groundwater quality at the subject properties. We also developed liability/cost estimates to address additional investigation and remediation associated with these risks. Additionally, EHS Support identified necessary capital improvements in connection with aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), secondary containment, a wastewater treatment plant, and an on-site landfill at the subject properties.

The environmental due-diligence and cost/liability estimate information EHS Support provided helped the client evaluate the business risks and costs associated with environmental contamination and environmental compliance liabilities, which allowed for strategic decision making during the acquisition.

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