Project Grain Due Diligence – Georgia

EHS Support was retained by a financial client to provide environmental due diligence services in support of the acquisition of a wholesale, ready-to-eat bread-and-roll bakery. The due diligence activities included the evaluation of potential environmental compliance liabilities associated with the 50,000-square foot food manufacturing facility.

Facility operations included mixing and baking activities, dishwashing activities, bagging of products, freezing products, packaging, and off-site shipping of products.

EHS Support conducted site visits, interviews, and records review of federal, state, and local environmental databases, as well as historical use information, site-specific documents, and prior assessments in order to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in connection with each of the Phase-I environmental site assessment (ESA) sites.

This assessment also included a desktop review of compliance with applicable EH&S requirements, such as EH&S management, chemical use and storage, air, water, storage tanks, waste management, environmental sustainability, health and safety, and EH&S lease provisions.

Based on EHS Support’s diligence review, the client requested follow-up consulting services including air permitting evaluation and related compliance assistance, including an evaluation of the company’s potential air emissions from boilers and ovens and determination of applicable air permit requirements.

The acquisition was successfully completed. EHS Support’s due diligence effort aided the client in evaluating business risks and potential costs associated with environmental liabilities, thus allowing for strategic decision-making during the transaction process and ensuring a successful deal for the client.

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