Remediation Services – PICCO Resins Disposal Site

Located in Pennsylvania, the client produced a variety of resin-based materials used in adhesives, paint, plastics, and rubber products. The wastes generated from these processes were composed of petroleum and coal-derived chemicals mixed with clay. The site was placed on the National Priorities List (NPL) due to elevated concentrations of petroleum-related chemicals. A leachate collection trench was installed in 1983 to collect liquids generated from the waste materials and process them through an oil-water separator (OWS). A small polishing system was later installed to treat the aqueous phase of the leachate.

Following a series of issues resulting in regulatory penalties, EHS Support was brought on to investigate deficiencies in the leachate collection and treatment system, address regulatory demands for further investigation, and develop a conceptual site model (CSM) to be used as a tool to identify and address data gaps. Following the completion of supplemental investigations, EHS Support designed and oversaw the construction of an upgraded pretreatment system. EHS Support also designed and oversaw the construction of a secondary groundwater interceptor trench, which was installed as a backup to the primary trench that was installed in 1983.

EHS Support successfully negotiated regulatory demands and, with the installation of the upgraded pretreatment system and secondary groundwater interceptor trench, improved the operation of the remedy, while reining in and providing a clear understanding of the project scope and budget. The completion of investigation activities, engineering evaluations, and development of the CSM as a tool to communicate with stakeholders helped to demonstrate to regulators that the site remedy is effective. No additional notices of violation have been issued since these upgrades have been installed, resulting in cost savings for the client.

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