Heavy Industry

When it comes to heavy industry, it can be difficult for businesses to navigate the many diverse challenges they face — things like evolving regulations, rapid integration of new technologies, and aging workforces, retirements, and loss of institutional knowledge.

Practical Solutions with a Business Focus

Whether you’re looking for the management of legacy environmental issues, guidance in permitting or regulatory compliance, strategic advice with emerging contaminants or regulations, or the establishment or optimization of management systems, our experts can help. Ours is a business-minded approach with a focus on providing practical services and solutions that make sense and provide real value to your company.

Our Heavy Industry Team

EHS Support’s Team has a long history of working on projects where the need for capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX) efficiencies are paramount and where safety and environmental hazards are an inherent part of the business. Our understanding of heavy manufacturing, along with our focus on leveraging existing processes and systems to support compliance and further optimization of safety and environmental performance, are core components of our delivery and integral to your company’s success.

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