Hospitality & Entertainment

The hospitality and entertainment industry is a competitive landscape faced with a variety of unique challenges in the management of safety, environmental compliance, and environmental risks. From hotels and resorts to theme parks and casinos, environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) consultants must be able to work at the speed of your business, assess safety and environmental and compliance risks, and adapt existing systems and processes to accommodate new and evolving business priorities.

Personalized Support Designed With You in Mind

EHS Support’s professionals possess a broad knowledge of the EH&S laws and regulations applicable to the entertainment, theme park, resort, and casino industries. Not only are we highly adept at managing and addressing current issues, we’re extremely flexible and cater our schedule to work when it’s convenient for you, all to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Knowledgeable and Flexible

Our team of accomplished professionals have completed numerous audits, due diligence, and remedial investigation efforts for clients in the entertainment, theme park, resort, and casino industries. Our availability to complete these tasks around the schedule of your facility, in order to limit or eliminate any business interruption or impact to your customer experience, is a core part of our execution strategy. It’s a comprehensive, delivery-focused approach you won’t find anywhere else.

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