Mine Closure & Rehabilitation

When you’re talking about mine closure and rehabilitation, developing stable landforms is and establishing the means for long term management of water are critical part of the process.

In order to achieve these goals effectively and manage associated costs, strategies to address acid mine drainage (AMD) issues, top soil management, seed harvesting and spreading, erosion control and natural management of water quality need to be developed. The key is developing an achievable end state vision that ensures the regulatory community and stakeholders are focused on achievable goals while also leveraging opportunities for value enhancement and rapid rehabilitation. Effective communication and advocacy, combined with robust science and practical knowledge, are vital to successful mine closure.

A Track Record of Success

From mine closure planning, financial assurance estimation, and AMD rehabilitation, to final void waterbody management and landscape restoration, EHS Support has it covered. We have a proven track record of providing successful strategic planning — starting with advice in early planning, progressive rehabilitation, staged mine shutdown, and water quality management. We take into account not only the regulatory requirements and negotiations but also the active management of stakeholder perceptions and expectations.

Your Long-term Advocate

EHS Support works with you to develop smart, cost-effective strategies for mine closure and rehabilitation that provide capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX) efficiencies and, ultimately, support mining lease relinquishment. Whether acting as the prime consultant or partnering with other specialist consultants, we have a track record of delivering solutions that are aligned with the economic, environmental, and social responsibilities of your business. Through effective communication and advocacy, we work to define what matters and ensure that the path to closure is defined and followed.

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